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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General knowledge

What is the capital?   
- Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

How long does it take to get to Thailand from UK and from USA?
- Approx. 12 hours direct from UK and 18 hours.

What is the local currency?    
- Thai Baht.

Do Thai people speak English?
English is widely spoken and is the country's second official language.

How many airlines fly direct to Thailand from London?
- Four airlines - EVA Air, British Airways, Thai Airways and Qantas.

What is the biggest island?
 - Phuket.

When is the best time to travel?  
- November to March for Thailand in general.  However, the best time to visit Samui is June to September and Phi-Phi Island is November to April each year.  Visit to other places can easily be made such as Bangkok’s temple tours, Ancient cities at Ayudhaya and Sukhothai in the central region.

How long does it take to travel between Bangkok?
- Hua Hin
- approx. 2/3 hours by road, Pattaya - approx. 2 hours by road , Phuket -approx. 1.10 hours by air, Samui - approx. 1.30 hours by air, Chiang Mai - approx. 1.30 hours by air, Phi Phi Island – approx. 1.30 hours by air.

Where was The Beach filmed? 
Maya Bay, off Phi-Phi Island in Krabi Province.

Where can I get a tailor-made suit made? 
There are a vast array of tailors available to choose from.

Where to find out reputable gems and jewelry?
- Plenty of certified places but always look for the Jewel Fest Club stamp of approval when purchasing any gems or jewellery.

Will my electrical appliances work in Thailand?    
- The electric current in Thailand is 220 Volts AC (50 cycles) throughout the country. Travellers with electric shavers, tape recorders and other appliances are encouraged to purchase a 110-volt transformer.

Is it customary to tip while I'm in Thailand?
It is commonplace to tip porters and hotel personnel who provide good service. As a guideline 10-15% tip is acceptable.

What about health requirements?
- We recommend that you visit your local Travel Clinic or doctor before departure. They can advise you on what vaccinations are recommended.   As some vaccinations require a course over weeks to months, contact your doctor as early as possible prior to departure.  Generally, six to eight weeks' notice is adequate.

Can I opt out of certain activities if I want to?
- Yes. In most situations the itineraries provided are flexible so as to enable you to build your own holiday. The trip leader may be able to help you make any specific alternative arrangements - please notify us at the time of booking. The only exception to this rule is when we are trekking, or travelling from one place to the next night's stop. Please note anything organised outside of the group activity will be at your own cost.

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