Bangkok City & Culture Tours
Discover the unique beauty of Bangkok with one of our specially picked sight-seeing tours. From the city's most splendid temples to its evocative floating markets, we have all the excursions you need to discover Bangkok's awe-inspiring beauty and endless charm.
Our Chinatown and Yaowarat Road Discovery Tour starts with a typical Dim Sum lunch served with hot or chilled Chinese tea. After you've sampled the wide variety of dumplings, the tour sets off on foot along the famous Yoawarat Road, offering you an opportunity to shop for souvenirs, fresh and dried fruits.
Orchid Market (Pak Klong Talard) which is the biggest fresh flower market in the city. Every day as the bite of the hot sun dissipates, the roadside of Pak Klong transforms into a kaleidoscope of bright, blooming color as vendors, receiving floral goods from each flower growing area of the Kingdom, meet to trade.
An outstanding example of 19th century architecture. While admiring the craftsmanship ofthe carpenters, you will travel back through time to gain a rare insight into the lifestyle of royalty.
The Ancient City's beautifully landscaped gardens mimic the shape of Thailand, and feature replicas of the county's most significant landmarks and monuments. Each of the over 116 structures is in their proper geographic position, and include palaces, bell towers, pavilions, temples, halls, floating markets, Buddha images and shrines.
On this half-day tour, explore the largest collection of Thai art and artifacts in the country. Dating back to 1874 - when His Majesty King Rama V opened the first museum to exhibit his father's royal collection - the National Museum offers a superb introduction to Thailand's cultural and artistic heritage.
Drawn away from the concrete buildings of the metropolis, you'll be surprised at what you encounter on this half-day trip. On foot, you'll visit a local temple and slum community, before taking a short long-tail boat ride across the Chao Phraya and entering a dense jungle of banana, mango, papaya and coconut trees.
This one-day canal tour begins with your boat departing the River City Pier for a 200-year old Chinese Shrine on the banks of the river. Next is the Queen Mother's former house, now a memorial museum containing photographs and personal items, followed by Wat Santa Cruz and the local village of Kudi Chin.
Full of history and anecdotes about Old Bangkok, this one-day guided tour includes a visit to Wat Saket (Golden Mount), a temple that sits atop a man-made hill and gives panoramic views of Bangkok. Travelling via tuk-tuk you'll also visit Baan Bart, an old Khmer community renowned for crafting alms bowls, Wat Suthat and its Giant Swing.
This half-day guided tour kicks off with a walk through the bustling Chinatown district, one of the oldest areas of Bangkok. Ever since King Rama I requested the Chinese population relocate here in the early 1780's, the area has been a maze of streets and alleys...
Discover three of Bangkok's most distinguished temples with this half-day tour: Wat Trimitr, with its 900-year old solid gold Buddha, Bangkok's oldest temple Wat Po with its reclining Buddha and traditional massage school, and Wat Benjabophit, or white marble temple.
On this morning tour, a long-tailed speedboat whisks you down the Chao Phraya River and canals (khlongs) of Thonburi. You'll drift past mobile shops, 'floating kitchens' and all kinds of colourful river scenery, before stopping at the enchanting Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun).
An half-day tour begins at the house of James H.W. Thompson, the American ex-military officer who single-handedly revived the craft of Thai silk-weaving. Built in 1959, his beautiful teak houses contain rare Asian art and antiques like blue-white Chinaware and Benjarong.

Traditional Thai Puppet Theater or "Joe Louis Theater." A puppet performance that you can not see else where in the world but Thailand. During performance, you will see the puppeteers will not stay behind the scene but be part of the scene as well. Traditional puppets gives performances of the Ramayana - the Indian epic tale. See the incredibly lifelike human movements of each puppet and see how the puppeteers bring their puppet to life. If you like cultural show, don't miss this show.
Siam Ocean World Bangkok ; is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. It becomes Thailand's finest tourist attraction and center for the youth to broaden their perspective. By Visiting Siam Ocean World, you will learn more about the aquatic Environment and its inhabitants. Your journey in Siam Ocean World will take you through 7 different zones which are Weird and Wonderful, Deep Reef, Living Ocean, Rainforest, Rocky Shore, Open Ocean, and Sea Jellies.
The Ancient City, like a door opened to the cultural in heritage of Siam. You are able to see the continuity of the history, arts, cultures, religious, thoughts as well as the believes of Thai talents. It shall reflect to Thai fundamentals and the varieties of the cultures on Thai territories. The historical of Siam will visually be revived at The Ancient City.
The Ancient city is a Mini-Thailand, a big open-air museum situated 33 kms east of Bangkok. All major monuments ranging from one third of original to actual size and even a 50 meters high mini-mountain representing Khao Prasat Phra Viharn in the east of Thailand have been reconstructed, and millions have been invested to rebuild the ancient Reception Hall of Ayutthaya.
Bangkok Temples and City Tour, Bangkok ; Thailand has over 26,000 Wats or temples. Joining this tour, you will be amaze by the status of buddha and beautiful architecture around the temples. This tour brings you to the 3 most unique and distinguished temples in Bangkok:
Wat Traimitr (Temple of the Golden Buddha) this is the world''s largest solid gold Buddha, cast about nine centuries ago. The image is three meters high and weighs five and half tons.
Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) it is Bangkok''s oldest and largest temple. The gigantic gold plated reclining Buddha with inlaid morthe-of-pearl soles is highly revered among Buddhists.
Wat Benchamabophit : (Marble Temple) the main building was constructed during the reign of King Rama V. Its interior is magnificently decorated with cross beams of lacquer and gold this is ''the perfect architecture of Thai art''. A large collection of bronze Buddha images lines the spacious inner courtyard.
Located on Bamrung Muang Road, this temple is noted for its superb 19th-century murals in the main chapel. The distinctive Giant Swing outside the temple was once used in Brahmanic ceremonial long since discontinued.
Wat Saket (The Golden Mount)
Wat Saket's major feature is the Golden Mount, dating from the 1800s, which overlooks Ratchadamnoen Avenue. The golden chedi houses relics of Lord Buddha and offers a panoramic view of historic Bangkok. Other inner-city temples that merit visits include Wat Mahathat, a Buddhist university edging Sanam Luang, Wat Ratchabophit on Ban Mo Road, Wat Intharawihan on Wisutkasat Road, with its 32-metre-high standing Buddha image, and Wat Ratchanatdaram, behind the Rama III Memorial Park on Ratcha-damnoen Avenue, with its pink Loha Prasat.
Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)
This large and extensive temple neighbours the Grand Palace enclave and contains a gigantic gold plated Reclining Buddha some 46 metres long and 15 metres high, and with inlaid mother-of-pearl soles.
Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)
This famous Chao Phraya riverbank landmark, diagonally opposite the Grand Palace, is best known for a porcelain encrusted 79-metre central pagoda (phra prang) which sparkles in the sun.
Wat Phailom (Pathum Thani)
This riverside temple is a sanctuary for open-billed storks which, from December through June, nest in their thousands within the temple complex.
The program to this tour is the same as the one day tour, until the visit to the diamond factory, is finished.
After we have checked in to our hotel you can look around a bit or just rest a bit and freshen yourself up. Whilst watching folk dance performances, we will have dinner in a quality Thai restaurant. And then spend the evening in Patpong, Bangkok's most notorious red light district, where you'll not only find a mind boggling number of entertainment spots, but also a night market where you might stumble across interesting bargains.
The next morning we'll first go and see the world's biggest Buddha statue cast out of pure gold, which weights 5,5 tons. During‘ a walk through the narrow alleys of China town we'll se a food market and the holiest Chinese temple complex in Bangkok.
Somewhat out of town next to the highway to Hua Hin are the Samphran Elephants Ground, where after having enjoyed lunch we'll see a very exciting crocodile show. A magician will show us impressive tricks, before we'll be witness to the best elephant training in Thailand. Whilst wandering through the exotic compound we'll be able to see a lot of animals a photo of three adult tame tigers be quite a nice souvenir to take home, after two days filled with unforgettable experiences, we'll take you back to the hotel
Bangkok is the capital and also the largest city of Thailand. It is also the capital of the Bangkok province. It is also known as Krung Thep in the Thai language. Bangkok is one of the top cities of Southeast Asia economically. Bangkok is also the hottest city of the world climatically. It is one of the foremost tourist destinations of the world. The headquarters of most of Thailand's leading banks and financial institutions are located in Bangkok. The Klongtoi Wharf along with Bangkok's artificial harbor handles the majority of Thailand's foreign trade. The regional headquarters of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is located in Bangkok.
Thailand's bustling capital, Bangkok, is one of the world's most exciting and exotic cities a fascinating blend of antique and modern.
Hectic traffic and high-rise buildings contrast with the peace and tranquillity of temple compounds, the temples themselves glittering and spectacular. Splendid palaces, busy river life and open-air street markets also reflect the old traditions.
As well as unrivaled sightseeing, this is a city of wonderful shopping dining, entertainment and night life.There are many excursion possibilities close to Bangkok, and to west are the forested hills of the scenic River Kwai.Golden beaches on the Gulf of Thailand provide spectacular resorts, including Pattaya, Rayong, HuaHin and Cha-am. Bangkok is the perfect gateway not only to Thailand, but the whole of Southeast Asia.